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I'm Hannah, and I'm nineteen. I live in Rio Nido, California and I'm a barista. I'm an English major. People are interesting. I don't know where I belong.


textbook: $250

me: chill

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I’m usually SUPER skeptical of huge TV diets and shit. Like I refuse to do them, because they’re so crummy and such a waste of time and money and they usually harm your metabolism. Furthermore, I’m usually skeptical of Dr. Oz because something about him just seems so not health conscious. I take EVERYTHING I’ve ever happened to hear him say with a grain of salt. 

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend goes, “hey, have you heard of Dr. Oz’s rapid weight loss diet?”

That sounds like a scam.

"Nah, it’s a good one. Here, you cut out wheat and eat hella veggies, no coffee or added sugar, the only dairy you’re eating is greek yogurt. You take a bath every night."

Now it sounds more holistic. 

So, we went grocery shopping, I looked into it more, and it works. You’re NOT supposed to do any additional exercise while doing this, because you’re probably only eating enough nutrients for a 1,600 kcal diet or so and exercising means more carbs, which you’re trying to stay away from.

I wanted to lose about fifteen pounds anyway, but I had been camping and school had just started up for me again, so naturally, my body was demanding carbs and sugar and I was doing as told. I ended up eating a bunch of garbage and while I didn’t gain weight from it, I felt like shit and my skin was breaking out, I was tired and cranky and all around not feeling it.

So, the Dr. Oz diet actually worked, I lost about ten pounds in like four days, and now I’m bloated from my period so I can’t be sure what I’ve really lost since I started ovulating BUT I know that I usually put on or resist losing 4-10 pounds on my period, so I’m guessing I’ve probably lost fifteen in week one??? We’ll see when I’m done bleeding to death but YEAH! I am here to say it actually works and I feel awesome. 

Here’s the link: This talks about what it is and stuff 


And here’s the actual instructions:

If you follow these to a T you’ll see results. I swear. 



the fucking worst is when people are like “you hate people for having a different opinion than you!!!!” like im not shitting on this guy because he thinks pistachio ice cream is gross im shitting on him because he actually believes that i and people like me dont deserve basic human rights and respect and safety

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i know what you’re thinking haha who did i have to kill to get this url

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Aw! You’re such a hater. Sorry I know what the inside of my car looks like??? Idk, I’m not really like a professional subaru observer or anything, but I do kinda own one so I sort of know what they look like.

And they’re not stupid, they’re super awesome cars. Get over /your/self. Don’t even.